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Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers

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In 2004, insurance brokers turned to Navigators as they became the latest industry to fall under the scrutiny of then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer was investigating the industry for price-fixing and rigging competitive bids for favored insurance providers. Spitzer’s investigation led to calls for sweeping regulatory reforms in several large states and was receiving scrutiny in Congress and front page coverage in the nation’s leading newspapers.

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To prevent a wedge from being driven between brokers and their customers, Navigators conducted a nationwide poll of brokers’ customers to discover what they wanted to see from the industry as a response to the Spitzer probe. With the results of the poll, Navigators created a strategic messaging and advertising campaign to put the industry on the side of enhanced transparency to solidify their bonds with their clients.

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Navigators’s ad campaign and strategic messaging helped mitigate the negative fallout from the Spitzer investigation and curtailed the efforts to impose costly new regulations governing the broker/client relationship.