Faced with the prospect of Dominion Power’s proposed route for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) — a 554-mile natural gas pipeline — Navigators was retained to fight this threat to western Virginia’s mountains, farmlands, and rural communities.


Navigators implemented a survey of the communities affected by the pipeline, finding initial opposition to the planned ACP route and an electorate that was willing and able to be persuaded further. Seizing this momentum, Navigators launched a campaign called All Pain, No Gain (APNG), which engaged community members in a grassroots effort. APNG also combined earned, digital, television and radio advertising; a campaign song (available on iTunes); social media and email advocacy; phone call campaigns that saturated lawmakers’ district offices and Richmond with phone calls; a multimedia “Faces of Pain” campaign featuring individuals impacted by the proposed route; and more to increase negative perception and urge state lawmakers to take a stand against the ACP’s proposed route.


Navigators’s digital advocacy and media campaign was successful in raising the public’s negative opinion of the ACP. The APNG Campaign’s efforts to mobilize residents of Virginia to contact their elected officials had a measurable impact on key officials and Dominion, and the APNG efforts have been cited in many leading state and national news outlets as an effective, professional effort that has Dominion’s attention and grudging respect.